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Question ID 11211

You work as an administrator at The corporate network consists of a single Active
Directory domain named All client computers on the corporate network are configured
to run Windows 2000 Professional.
You are preparing to uABCrade the client computers to Windows XP Professional with zero impact
on productivity. You use a server named ABC-SR01 that has a shared folder named Data to save
the Setup files required for the uABCrade. You need to determine the appropriate manner in which
to start the Setup.
What is the first step to make sure the Setup files are installed in an unattended process on the
client computers?

Option A

You should create a test environment and run an unattended installation of the Setup Files.

Option B

You should execute the Winnt32.exe command and follow up with the xcopy command onABCSR01.

Option C

You should execute the Winnt32.exe command with the /dushare:\\ABC-SR01\data

Option D

You should use an OEM installation package on the first client computer.

Correct Answer C
Description Explanation: Your best option in this scenario would be to use the dushare switch and indicate the updates folder. Reference: Rick Wallace, MCSE (Exam 70-270) Microsoft XP Professional Training Kit, Microsoft Press, Redmond, 2002, Chapter 2, Lesson 3 Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - Q312110, How to Deploy the Windows XP Dynamic Update Package
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Question ID 11212

You are the desktop administrator for The network consists of a single Active
Directory domain named All client computers on the network are configured to run
Windows XP Professional.
The users who are assigned laptop computers often work from home. These laptop
computers are set up specifically to make a connection to the network and the Internet without any
problems. After a few weeks several laptop users complained that they cannot access the shared

folders on the laptop computers even when working at the office.
You check and discover that these users have permission to access the shared folders. You thus
decide to make the necessary modifications in the local GPO on all laptop computers.
Which actions should you take to make sure of continued Internet protection and provide access
to the shared folders? (Choose Two.)

Option A

You should configure the Windows Firewall on the laptop computers.

Option B

You should assign all laptop computers to a global security group.

Option C

You should change the local GPO by deselecting the Prohibit the use of ICF on your DNS
domain network option.

Option D

You should enable TCP/IP filtering.

Option E

You should enable the Allow users to connect remotely to this computer option.

Correct Answer A,C
Description Explanation: To ensure that users can access shared folders on the portable computers during the day and to ensure that the portable computers are protected when they are connected to the Internet in the evening, you need to enable Windows Firewall and then enable the Prohibit the use of ICF on your DNS domain network setting in the local GPO. The ICF should not be used on VPN connections as it interferes with file sharing and print services. ICF can cause undesirable issues if clients in a network enable ICF on their LAN interfaces. Instead, large network should use better alternatives such as dedicated firewalls. Reference: Sharing (ICS) and Internet Connection Firewall (ICF)
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