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300-115 Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH v2.0)

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Exam Number 300-115
Exam Name Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH v2.0)
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  • Sanjay Singh wrote:
    2017-06-15 10:53:39

    hello any one can you please provide me the latest dump

  • phani wrote:
    2017-05-22 02:13:59

    Bro am giving exam next week, i need latest dumps..can someone help me with new mail id is phaniraj0808[@]

  • Farko wrote:
    2017-05-20 15:21:30

    is this dump still valid?

  • Rakesh wrote:
    2017-05-07 03:02:23

    thanks Muneeb, @RAVI is right, there's new drag and drops as well, had no luck last time as questions were changed. @RAVI do you have all new questions, would really appreciate. thanks in advance.

  • Gerrie wrote:
    2017-05-01 20:43:07

    The Download VCE does not appear to have a VCE file only a PDF file. What happend to the VCE file?

  • chan wrote:
    2017-04-28 06:57:12

    Reference on it .

  • chan wrote:
    2017-04-28 06:55:40

    hello thanks, Stack election master process question included. plz check the online

  • John Doe wrote:
    2017-04-01 07:02:42

    I did my exam yesterday, don't bother with the theory questions, they almost changed everything. Out of around 200 questions from this dump the only thing that was the same like here are the simulation task (Etherchannel and Radius). Everything else was different with plenty of new questions that cannot be found here. Maybe, but just maybe you will get 2-3 old questions. So, yeah, sorry guys, but everything is almost new. P.S. I had 40 questions on the exam.

  • MORY wrote:
    2017-03-22 16:42:57

    Just trying to download PDF format only

  • esteban wrote:
    2017-03-18 09:02:42

    First , thank you Muneeb Ahmed ! I will pass the exam soon, next week. I will tell you if is a good one.

  • Tawfeek wrote:
    2017-03-17 21:21:34

    Hello Guys, Please help. Is this dump and the new Questions are still valid?

  • adnr wrote:
    2017-03-08 13:23:34

    Hi Guys, is this dump still valid?

  • adnr wrote:
    2017-03-08 12:53:30

    Hi guys, is this the latest dumps? Planning to take this coming month.

  • surendra wrote:
    2017-03-08 08:35:38

    very thankful sir

  • Turan wrote:
    2017-03-07 17:46:57

    is this valid?

  • Mlaki wrote:
    2017-03-06 03:06:39

    @RAVI - Do you have more newly Q&A, would be appriciated...

  • Tran Tuan wrote:
    2017-02-25 13:52:44

    Thanks to Muneeb Ahmed

  • rehan wrote:
    2017-02-25 07:45:09

    nice one

  • Ravi wrote:
    2017-02-21 00:47:39

    Newly Added Questions frnds 1) In a switch stack where is the the SDM template stored? A. All switches in stack B. Master switch C. Flash memory D. (not sure what the fourth choice was) – Answer: B 2) Which two statements about default FHRP behavior are ture? Choose two. A. Preemption is enabled by default B. A back up GLBP active virtual gateway can become active only in the current active router fails C. Unless specifically configured , the priority of an HSRP router is 200 D. Standby HSRP router becomes active if it has higher priority than current active router E. VRRP backup router becomes the master router if its priority is higher than the priority of the current master router. – Answer: D, E 3) Which statement about VRRP, GLBP, and VRRP is true? A. GLBP uses UDP port 3222(source an destination) for hello messages. B. HSRP group members communicate using multicast C. VRRP group communicate using multicast address D. MAC address 0000.0c07.ac0c indicates that default gateway redundancy is provided through GLBP – Answer: A 4) Refer to the exhibit. Interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1 Switchport access vlan 700 Switchport trunk allowed vlan 200, 300, 700 Switchport mode trunk End Which statement about the current configuration on port GigabitEthernet2/0/1 is true? A. It is an access port configured for a phone and pc B. It is a trunk port and the native vlan is vlan 1 C. It is a trunk port and native vlan is vlan 700 D. It is an access port in vlan 700 – Answer: B 5) An enterprise network has port security sticky enabled on all access ports. A network administrator moves a PC from one office desk to another. After the PC is moved the network administrator clears the port security on the new network switch port connection to the PC, but the port keeps going back into err-disabled mode. Which two factors are possible causes of this issue? (Choose two) A. Port security sticky exists on the new network switch port B. port security sticky is disabled on the new network switch port C. port security must be disabled on all access ports D. port security is still enabled on the older network switch port E. port security sticky is still enabled on the older switch port – Answer: A, E 6) Refer to the exhibit. An engineer has run the show etherchannel summary command the output is displayed. Which statement about the status of the Etherchannel is true? A. The etherchannel is operational and configured for PAGP B. Ther etherchannel is down because of a mismatched etherchannel protocol C. The etherchannel is down and configured for LACP D. The ehterchannel is operational and using no Etherchannel protocol – Answer: D 7) A switch has been configured with the ‘vlan dot1q tag native’ command. Which statement describes what the switch does with untagged frames when it receives on a trunked interface? A. Untagged frames are forwarded via the default VLAN B. It drops the untagged frames C. The trunk ports is put in err-disable state D. Untagged frames are forward via the native vlan – Answer: B 8) When a Cisco Catalyst switch that is configured in VTP server mode is first booted, which two VLAN ranges are loaded on the switch? (choose two) A. All vlans are in the VLAN database B. VLANS greather than 1005 in the startup config file C. The first 1005 vlans in the vlan database file D. The first 1005 vlans in the start up config file E. VLANS greather than 1005 in the VLAN database – Answer: B, C 9) Which two options are advantages of deploying VTPv3 ? (choose two) A. It stores the VTP domain password securely in as SHA-1 hash B. It adds an FCS field at the end of each VTP frame for consistency checking C. It supports the propagation of private VLANS D. It supports the use of AES to encrypt VTP messaging E. It can be configured to allow only one VTP server to make changes to the VTP domain – Answer: C, E 10) If storm control is enabled on a port and the traffic reaches the configured level, which two actions can be configured to occur? (Choose two) A. Trap B. Notify admin C. Redirect traffic D. Log E. Shut down – Answer: A, E 11) To provide security, a service provider configures various private VLANS in its backbone network infrastructure to prevent communicating to each other. Which version of VTP supports the use of private VLANS? A. Version 1 B. Version 3 C. VTP does not support private VLANS D. Version 2 – Answer: B 13) Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about SW1 are true? (Choose two) A. Interface GI5/1 is using a cisco proprietary trunking protocol B. On interface Gi5/1, all untagged traffic is tagged with vlan 113 C. The deviuce is configured is configured with the default MST region D. Interface gi5/1 is using an industry-standard trunking protocol E. Interface gi6/2 is the root port for vlan 36 F. On interface gi6/2 all untagged traffic is tagged with VLAN 600 – Answer: D, F 14) Refer to the exhibit. Which two commands ensure that DSW1 becomes root bridge for VLAN 10 and 20? (choose two) A. Spanning-tree mstp 1 priority 0 B. Spanning-gree mst 1 root primary C. Spanning -tree mst vlan 10,20 prority root D. Spanning-tree mst 1 priority 4096 E. Spannin-tree mst 1 priority 1 F. Spanning tree mstp vlan 10,20 root primary – Answer: B, D

  • senthil wrote:
    2017-02-17 19:24:09

    Great ,Thanks toMuneeb Ahmed

  • Yerim sow wrote:
    2017-02-01 07:31:34

    Someone took the exam on January 31 2017 (yesterday) and said that new questions were added to the 191 on this list . Does anyone have the new questions that were added?

  • Yerim sow wrote:
    2017-02-01 02:45:51

    Someone posted on a Forum that Exam 300 115 has changed as of today Tuesday January 31. THey have new questions included.

  • mario wrote:
    2017-01-31 19:11:52

    not valid anymore

  • Fahd wrote:
    2017-01-28 07:14:56

    are these dumps valid ?

  • Asad wrote:
    2017-01-26 12:18:06

    is it reliable ??

  • Syed Sikandar wrote:
    2017-01-26 09:28:27

    the dumps are changed

  • Clint wrote:
    2017-01-24 21:32:27

    Is the 2017 CCNP 300-115 Switch Exam Dump valid?

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