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Question ID 4079

Option A

Update Date and Time 2016-02-29 12:53:03

Question ID 4080

The security administrator wants to assign user bob to a netsec role so that the user can run the ifconf ig (iM) and snoop (iM) commands with a rights profile named NSM.
Which entries will be contained in the /etc/security/exec_attr file after the required RBAC configuration has been implemented when using privileges rather than uid 0?

Option A

A.    NSM:suser:cmd:::/sbin/ifconfig:privs=sys_net_conf ig NSM:suser:cmd::: Aisr/sbin/snoop:privs=net_rawaccess

Option B

B.    HSM:bob:cmd:::/sbin/ifconfig:privs=sys_net_config NSM:bob:cmd::: Aisr/sbin/snoop:privs=net_rawaccess

Option C

C.    HSM:netsec:cmd:::/sbin/ifconfig:privs=sys_net_config NSM:netsec:cmd::: Aisr/sbin/snoop:privs=net_rawaccess

Option D

D.    NSM:Solaris:cmd:::/sbin/ifconfig:privs=sys_net_config NSM:Solaris:cmd::: Aisr/sbin/snoop:privs=net_rawaccess

Correct Answer D
Update Date and Time 2016-02-29 12:57:41