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Question ID 17670

Which of the following statements accurately describes the command upgrade_export?

Option A

Used primarily when upgrading the Security Management Server, upgrade_export stores all object databases and the /conf directories for importing to a newer Security Gateway version.

Option B

upgrade_export stores network-configuration data, objects, global properties, and the database revisions prior to upgrading the Security Management Server.

Option C

 This command is no longer supported in GAiA.

Option D

upgrade_export is used when upgrading the Security Gateway, and allows certain files to be included or excluded before exporting.

Correct Answer A
Update Date and Time 2018-01-09 05:07:33

Question ID 17671

You want to reset SIC between smberlin and sgosaka.

In SmartDashboard, you choose sgosaka, Communication, Reset. On sgosaka, you start
cpconfig, choose Secure Internal Communication and enter the new SIC Activation Key.
The screen reads The SIC was successfully initialized and jumps back to the cpconfig
menu. When trying to establish a connection, instead of a working connection, you receive
this error message:

What is the reason for this behavior?

Option A

The Gateway was not rebooted, which is necessary to change the SIC key.

Option B

The Check Point services on the Gateway were not restarted because you are still in the cpconfig utility.

Option C

You must first initialize the Gateway object in SmartDashboard (i.e., right-click on the object, choose Basic Setup > Initialize).

Option D

The activation key contains letters that are on different keys on localized keyboards. Therefore, the activation can not be typed in a matching fashion.

Correct Answer B
Update Date and Time 2018-01-09 05:26:10