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Here you can read online questions and answers for Checkpoint Exam 156-215 (Check Point Security Administration NGX (156-215.65) ) 100% free...

Question ID 18613

If the LDAP scheme is not updated on the LDAP server, which Check Point user settings
are stored locally in the Check Point user template?

Option A

Time settings, Authentication type, Location settings

Option B

Location settings, Authentication type, Password

Option C

Authentication type, Time settings, Password

Option D

Password, Authentication type, Time settings

Correct Answer A
Update Date and Time 2018-01-23 04:14:20

Question ID 18614

Quinton is the Security Administrator for a chain of retail stores. In a recent security
newsletter, Quinton read about an attack where a client fools a server into sending large
amounts of data, using small packets. Quinton is concerned that his company's servers
might be vulnerable to this type of attack. Which SmartDefense option should Quinton use
to protect the servers?

Option A

Network Security > IP and ICMP > Block Null Payload ICMP

Option B

Network Security > TCP > Small PMTU

Option C

Network Security > Denial of Service > LAND

Option D

Network Security > Successive Events > DoS

Option E

Network Security > Denial of Service > Non-TCP Flooding

Correct Answer B
Update Date and Time 2018-01-23 04:16:07